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The Aesthetix IO Signature Phono Stage Preamplifier is in a league of its own.

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Ze'ev Schlik Presents at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this Year

Ze'ev Schlik, of Pure Audio Project, an open-baffle DIY speaker designer, will be exhibiting at the the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, 5-7 October. Coming all the way from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Ze'ev stopped in at the offices of Shunyata Research, where we listened to one of his latest DIY creations, the Quintet 15.  Ze'ev provides speaker kits to his customers direct, so it pays to stop in and visit him at Room 522.

Even if you have never built a speaker before, you can do it! I know, because I did. It was fun and it sounds great.

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Dan Schmalle, of Bottlehead Electronics, will appear at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 5-7 October in Denver, Colorado. His company, Bottlehead Electronics, has been asked to appear in the Innovation Floor to demonstrate their special DIY offerings.

His latest project a DIY speaker, the Jäger Speaker Kit, promises to be a hit.