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Quad 57 Electrostatic Speakers

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from Vintage Speaker Review:

"The Quad ESL-057: World's Best? In 1936, Peter Walker founded a company later to be known as the Acoustical Manufacturing Company. They produced portable public address systems and a hefty loudspeaker set-up the size of a bookcase. The company also manufactured an acoustical amplifier that fit into a suitcase-sized case. In 1956, just twenty years after founding the company, and in the midst of HiFi record popularity, Walker introduced the Quad ESL-57 (electrostatic loudspeaker). The design was radical, incorporating panels sandwiching an ultra-thin sheet of PET film. The sound produced was lifelike and the unit sold for about 54 pounds (around eighty US dollars). The ESL was the world´s first full-range electrostatic loudspeaker. After 500 were produced, the design was modified to accommodate the appearance of stereo records. In 1959 the ESL-57 was licensed to the German Braun Company and sold in Germany as "Braun LE1".  In the 25 years of its production, 60,000 Quads were sold."


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