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Jungson JA 200 Monoblock Amps

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Price: 8,850.00 USD Price is negotiable


I came across the Jungson product in 2003. At first I was skeptical since it was made in China. At the time I was using a First Sound Limited Edition preamp and the Pass XA mono blocks. Believe me I tried Levinson, Krell, MBL, Esoteric, etc and nothing touched the Pass. Then I tried the Jungson JA mono blocks and I was left spellbound. Once I was beyond my disbelief I opened them up and compared them to other amps I had in the showroom.

The build quality was exceptional, the parts exceeded anything I had previously seen. They use copper heat shrinks, the speaker post make everything else on the market seem like junk. I later found out on the limited edition JA luxury mono blocks Jungson goes through the time and expense to match the specifications of every diode, capacitor, transformer, etc regardless of costs or expense.

I am selling these for a friend at a give away price. These are not well known so thus the discount. I can assure whomever buys these that there is no amp anywhere this good and never at anywhere near this price.

JA 200 Retail $23,500 now $8,850  - with latest transformers installed 


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