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DQ10 Dahlquist Speakers

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The DQ-10 is a classic loudspeaker from the era of Dahlquist - late 70s early 80s. If you are looking for a mint condition set that is original, read no further. This set is not for you. But if you are interested in a modified DQ10 that includes Shunyata internal wiring, audiophile quality speaker posts, and isolation material to separate the woofer from the other speakers (making for an amazing performance), this may be the speaker for you. There were so many things that Dahlquist did then - but that can be improved now.

When I got these they were in fair condition cosmetically and sounded really fine. But I had to see, did Shunyata internal wiring, heavier speaker posts, and driver isolation, as well as quilt batting really make a difference? Uh, that would be a yes.

After cleaning up this set of DQ-10s, I

- added isolation material to separate the drivers from the subchamber that is used in only the highest quality audiophile components
- Repainted the subchamber,
- Added raucous speaker terminals,
- Rewired with out-of-production shunyata wire from the speaker posts to the crossover
- Removed the dissolved fiberglass stuffing and replaced with quilt batting
- Replaced the particle-board support above the feet with hard maple plywood then repainted them
- Repaired the three-prong feet (not shown and removed for safer shipping)
- Replaced the fabric (not shown) with acoustical speaker fabric from Guilford of Main Cinnabar #422.
- Gently cleaned the crossovers without too much fanfare.
- Replaced the right tweeter with one that includes a fuse panel. Now both sides have one.
- Added audiophile-quality fuse for added performance (yup it does matter!)
- Repainted angular supports of drivers black, adding isolation material as a gasket between the angular supports and the vertical masonite driver frames


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