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Kronos Sparta Turntable

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Cartridge not included.


What can you say about this turntable except that no stone has been left unturned to apply technology and nuance with a goal of superb audio. The owner purchased about five years ago. He enjoyed it tremendously but has been too busy to keep it around. So, off it must go to a new music lover.

"The first thing that distinguishes a Kronos turntable is its two equal mass platters, rotating opposite each other. We call this the dual platter counter-rotating revolution. It is a means by which the vibration inducing torque force, present in suspended turntables is eliminated. The result of this design is a suspended platform particularly well isolated from environmental and mechanical noise while maintaining unequalled stability. You can immediately hear the difference dynamic stabilization makes. No other turntable can offer its advantages."


Seattle, United States, North America
, 98370


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