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Weekend Environments: A Sanctuary of Sound (Weekend Enviroments)

Weekend Environments: A Sanctuary of Sound

Weekend Environments has been in the Audio and Music business since 1992. Stewart Marcantoni started the business out of a love for the hobby while living in Seminole, Florida. He had been an Audiophile for many years and retired young in 1990. His wife noticed that he was spending a lot of money flying to different parts of the country to see and evaluate equipment not available in his area. She came to the conclusion that he would have more fun and probably make some money while toying with his hobby if he started an audio business.

It has been 19 years, Weekend Environments continues to grow every year adding some of the best and most prestigious lines in the industry. Marcantoni explains:  "Every line that we carry is sonically very different from each other. We know that we cannot carry every line nor do we desire to be the retailer for every need that arises for the individual audiophile. Case in point we do no analogue nor home theater!"