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Baetis Audio Reference X Music Server (Reference X)

The Reference X model is mainly about the very best multi-channel audio and the very best integrated video. But, unlike the legions of HTPCs built on simple PC frames, the Baetis MCh and Video computer also has the Baetis two-channel audio – viewed by some as the very best, whether in a specialized music server or our computer-based server. Please read our Reviews page.

The MCh audio of the Reference X is the very best because it has the Intel H270 chipset, with accompanying Intel Core i7 4.2Ghz speed CPU. RAM speed is also 35% faster than our Reference – it is the same as on our Reference 2 model.

Unlike ordinary very expensive HTPCs (home theater PCs), the Reference X has these differences that make for the best possible two-channel digital audio, to be used with the world’s best DACs.