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SOtm (time clock)

 The CLOCK is the most important element of digital audio system, working like a heart for human body.

 All the digital audio data inside of digital audio devices are processed and calculated by the clock pulse, communicating the clock signals as well when exchanging audio data with other devices. Particularly, the quality(Jitter) of clock that used in the coverting process from the digital audio data to analog signals directly effects the corresponding signal making the audience feel the purity level of clock just by listening the sounds.

 Like this, the CLOCK shows its presence at any places of digital audio systems, with which its quality determines the quality of sound eventually.

 The SOtM’s sCLK-xxxx Series Clock, a clock module furnished with all the performance required for high-end digital audio systems, can be used along with those modules of dX-USB HD, iM-USB HD, tX-USBexp, tX-USBhub & others, and may also be used by ordering the corresponding operation clock frequency when applying to those devices other than SOtM’s.