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Mytek Brooklyn DAC Headphone Preamplifier

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From The Absolute Sound:

"CES saw the official launch of Mytek’s Brooklyn DAC, which was shown as a prototype at RMAF. Brooklyn is significant for being the first DAC (not made by Meridian) to incorporate MQA. There’s even a Tidal client supporting the MQA codec, and it sounds amazing. Brooklyn won’t be alone in its MQA support for long; at least half a dozen other companies announced similar intentions. Yet Brooklyn is a peach of a DAC for many other reasons. It supports DSD, PCM, and—wait for it—vinyl! That’s right, there’s a built-in, pure analog phonostage. The DAC also sports a dual-mono headphone amp that drives both single-ended and balanced cans. For $1995, that’s hard to beat."


Seattle, United States, North America



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