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ATR 102 2-Channel Reel-to-Reel Tape Machine

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A Tale of Two Tape Heads

This ATR 102 reel-to-reel tape recorder has lived an interesting life. I first acquired her from Vintage Audio King. She ran but we wanted to restore her to her original greatness. We engaged Mike Spitz, who was the Stradivari of ATR restoration. He has since passed, though his legend lives on. Next, we coaxed Mike into using some of the best quality wire in the world from the skunkworks corridors of Shunyata Research. The wire runs from the heads for signal, and from the unit for power. Shunyata is well known for both signal and power cables. We then employed Dan Schmalle of Bottlehead Electronics to provide a pre-amplifier. He came up with the RePro Tube preamplifier (retail $4,000) which was perfect to soothingly yet forcefully deliver that magical tape signal to the system. Having subscribed to the Tape Project, we also had a serious line-up of audiophile-quality master tapes from which to sample some truly grand recordings, such as Bill Evans's Waltz for Debby.

But in a gallery of absurdly amazing gear supplied by the likes of Audio Research, Constellation Audio, Lampizator Electronics, Berning, Wilson, Vivid and a host of other big and obscure audiophile names, the beautiful Mari-Anne of tape players was lightly played (ten times?) and never really put to the use we had intended. Like a great piece of art that languishes near an out-of-the-way ballustrade in a French country manor, she waited politely for her prince charming. Now, she is available and ready to go in circulation, as it were....

What also makes her special is the ability for her to be used for recording by flipping the tape heads. Even though it is quarter-inch tape, for two-channel live recording, you are in for an amazing recording experience. In case you wondered whether you will be able to get out of your chair after a listen...(which you will have trouble rising, in the plume of emotional opium) we include the wired remote control. This is vintage private reserve.

The downloadable manual covers most specifications, even though it is for the ATR100. The ATR102 had two tape heads and allows for recording, although the reason for the 102 nomenclature, I do not know.

We put a total of $14,500 into her but she was very, very lightly used. We include a cabled remote control which, on it's own, can be pricey.We also include an original stand with roller wheels.

Buyer pays for shipping and insurance. However, we strongly encourage local pickup in the Pacific Northwest. It's worth the trip.


Seattle, United States, North America
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