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Pro audio musical instruments: electric guitars, keyboards, percussion.

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Yamaha HS7 Monitor Speakers
150 USD
DescriptionPair of HS7 Yamaha powered monitor speakers. They have seen use and travel
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Orchestration and Arranging
DescriptionOrichestration and arranging of your musical material.
5.00 (1 votes)
Klipsch Professional Speaker System
$2,500 USD
DescriptionPair of Klipsch LSI horn loaded 15-inch 3 Way Professional speaker system pair
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Hammond All-Tube Organ
100.00 USD
DescriptionThis Hammond all-tube organ was the first home market organ and is completely analog.
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Fender Jazz Bass Guitar
2250.00 USD
DescriptionVery light use. In climate-controlled storage. Near perfect condition. Purchased 2007.
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1988 Guild 12-string F212
2500.00 USD
Descriptionvery good condition vintage Guild at its best.