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Back to the Future: Yamamura Still Provokes Wonder...

yamamuraYamamura. Yamamura. Yamamura. Try saying that three times, deliberately, contemplatively, with your mouth slightly open. That's usually what happens upon a first listen. One hears about signal cables who acquire legendary status over time, and it’s better to dismiss such notions as audio DUI. But, just out of curiosity, I ran a little test with the somewhat over-the-hill-looking Yamamura Millennium XLR one-meter pair. How would they stack up against either a Shunyata Research Aurora someone loaned me, or a brand-new audiophile entry level XLR from one of the best cable companies on Earth (I’ll reveal the brand only if you email me)?

The Yamamura blasted the entry-level $300 plus cable entirely out of the water: effervescent sound stage, detail, and a fullness that one might infer could render the Millennium at-one with most solid-state systems. My Aurora-loving friend was taken aback to hear that the Yamamura gave his prized Shunyata Research interconnects a run for their money. Higher detail and air with the Auroras; midtones and mellifluous contours with the Yamamuras. In essence, it ran in the Aurora league easily. Now, there is no need to wonder whether the Millennium deserved it’s original $3500 price tag.

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