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floating image, floating speakers...the Aluminous

Luke Zitterkopf, of Aluminous Audio, dropped by Shunyata Research last week and set up his latest iteration of his hanging speakers. Recently, Luke returned from a whirlwind week at Axpona. Heads turned and many new faces showed up when they heard about 'the hanging copper speakers...."

Aluminous Audio is a new speaker company based out of Spokane, Washington, USA. Luke Zitterkopf is the designer and owner of the company. Aluminous specializes in custom-made, audiophile quality speakers that utilize isolation, massive dampening, and decoupling as design parameters in product development. Elegance and high-tech appearance also number among the design values of the company.

"...the more they looked and listened...they more they wanted to know about the speaker...the image was totally detached from the speakers...

Luke Zitterkopf, Axpona 2017

We had to place the speakers further forward than they liked, due to the real estate taken up by the Constellation monoblock amplifiers.

When evaluating a new product that is in continual development and improvement, there is always something new to learn. The exciting aspect of the speakers, aside from their sound, is their geek-appeal. Highly futuristic-looking, sleek and compact, the aluminous pair present as giant pieces of jewelry in the reference room. 

The discovery I learned of is a bold new undertaking by Luke to design a foot to end all feet - a completely decoupled and massive set of feet for the subwoofers. (partial pictured below). I could hardly hold one in my hand it was so humongous. The foot is comprised of an aluminum well that accommodates a curved rectangular support. This support in turn, sits in a kevlar saddle. The support sits below a cone attached to the base of the subwoofer. In this way, a similar result is found to the use of weight as a sound attribute to differentiate the Aluminous in an aurally appealing way.

New midrange copper phase plug

Aside from its riveting appearance in sunburst orange, the phase plug also acts as heat sink for the mid range voice coil.

Big Foot has entered the building...

​Zitterkopf's foot houses a well into which hangs a kevlar strap, suspending an aluminum cone that succeeds in decouplement from the woofer.

Speaker Placement is flexible

No two rooms are the same. With a woofer to move around, either inboard or outboard, front-of-room or back, the room can be tuned readily.

Reference Room Components

Audio Research CD8 CD Player
Constellation Virgo III Preamplifier
Constellation MonoBlock ampllifiers
Shunyata Denali RS6 Power Distributor, Sigma series power cables, Anaconda Interconnects, Delta speaker cables

more about Aluminous Audio

Phone: (509) 434–8889 from 8a – 5p PST | email: [email protected] |

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