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Ranked #1 by Google for "The Audio Classifieds" !

The Audio Classifieds reaches number one rating in google

Believe it or not, it is not easy to rank high for audio classified advertising. There are many very successful advertising sites for used and new audio gear. Today is worth a mention, since, out of over 15,000,000 pages listed in google we hit #1 today. That means we have been improving visibility as a valuable alternative for buying and selling audio gear.

In order to get a high rating, you must show you possess "site authority," namely you must have good, pertinent content vis a vis other comparable sites. Also, one must promote advertising on the site which helps everyone, especially buyers, sellers and advertisers. This is no small feat. One reason why we are receiving good ratings is that we are visited a lot by visitors who want to be here. We have quality visitors checking out our site. We also offer alternatives for classified and banner advertising that is either free or of very high value for the pennies. While you will find excellent used gear sites, they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than The Audio Classifieds. We are not throwing a lot of money at capturing a market. We are simply providing simple quality customer service and perhaps most importantly: we are small. Yes, small is good. Because we offer a narrow niche, your advertisements don't get lost in the underbrush. What's more our visitors have sought us out and are more likely to be pre-qualified; that is, they are more likely to want to purchase or post a entry for a piece of audio gear. We also encourage local sale and pickup which improves the likelihood of a good sales outcome for everyone.

Thank you for patronizing The Audio Classifieds. Onward and upward.

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