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Telling Review on First Sound Preamplifiers

For many years, First Sound preamplifiers have graced the reference room, standing the test of time as many pre-amplifiers, albeit exceptional performers, have come and gone. One cannot deny the remarkable quality of a host of pre-amplifiers, such as those of Audio Research and Constellation. But can they afford to take individual, painstaking attention to every single solder point, every milimeter of wire, handcrafted with the attention to detail worthy of a Tiffany Jeweler? As you explore the pages of The Absolute Sound or for the newest pre-amplifiers around, keep in mind that old world quality with new technology beats politically-correct engineering every time.

Emmanuel Go blends engineering expertise with craftsman artistry, and oversees every aspect of every component that leaves First Sound. In addition, Mr. Go explores technology and is willing to try something new, even if it can't be found in an electrical engineering textbook. When he first tested the medical filter technology of Shunyata Research in 2016, he determined that further testing was warranted in his power supplies. Evidently, that time was well spent, as the new medical filters (as they are called because of their incorporation in a new product developed by Shunyata Research for the medical industry), now have found a welcome home in all the power supplies of First Sound's newest reference product, including the Paramount Mk-III, Special Edition Statement(SSE).

"This is where audio products hand crafted by today's best audio engineers and designers, like Emmanuel Go of First Sound ("Emmanuel"), can make a huge difference in getting as close as possible to the illusion of reproducing a live concert at home."

Nelson Brill,, January 2017

​Check out the latest review written by Nelson Brill regarding First Sound MKIII-S. For someone to successfully compare a recording to a concert indicates some intimate appreciation for living music and the ability to discriminate in recorded listening as well.

First Sound's Two chassis setup

Each potentiometer has had hand-soldered resistors for every increment of volume.

Three chassis - silver faceplate.

When you turn the knob, you feel luxury.

Four chassis - this setup means business.

Remember, this is a tube amplifier, not solid state - prepare for liftoff. The MKIII-S.

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