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The Brooklyn DAC: I'll Take Manhattan

mytek brooklyn dac the audio classifiedsIf you've ever hailed a cab in Brooklyn and tried to get across town, that's kind of what it's like to get around the Brookyn DAC.

The Brooklyn DAC Headphone Preamplifier sits quietly in the tech room. Its slender figure is dwarfed by the woody expanse of the Core Audio Designs shelf, presenting the appearance of a miniature version of an audiophile component. For its relatively tiny footprint, the DAC sports a wide assortment of ports on the back, from a full-size C15 AC power inlet, to SPD/F, USB, and AES. The front panel accommodates a wide variety of settings in geeky bravado.

With one big, black knob and four almost invisible buttons, a wide permutation of settings is available by those impressed by rubik's cubes. (If you don't know what a rubik's cube is, you won't find the settings panel on this device to have been designed by a friend.) By depressing the big black knob, you can manipulate the settings on the smaller buttons and sort through a buffet of settings. Prepare yourself with a bit of manual-reading before pulling your chair up to the shelf for a little configuration heart-to-heart with the Brooklyn.

After an hour of fiddling, the DAC finally gave in to my technical insistence on listening to DSD over an HP Pavillion Roon and remote Roon music server, Shunyata RCA interconnects leading to the Constellation Audio Argo solidstate amplifier, then to Shunyata's latest and greatest speaker cables. The sound finally arrived into one of the best ever speakers to come out of Brooklyn: the Devore Fidelity. What happenend next led one to seriously question the waxing poetics of many a forum post and review that tout celebratory toasts to the Brooklyn DAC.

A stringy, sinewy delivery was then had, wherein one missed the low-end fullness one might expect from a respectable pre-amplifier. Neither power, nor signal, nor amplifier, nor speaker could save the little DAC, especially when it was just a cable change away to listen to the lush tropics of the Bel Canto DAC 3.7. In fact, once again, despite the Bel Canto's candid demeanor of the aged statesman, it towered above the little Brooklyn in austere grandeur.

In an upcoming article,  a journey into the world of headphone listening may yield wonderful discoveries. Like a noisy, cheery, Spring Brooklyn morning, hope blossoms eternal.The Brooklyn DAC Headphone Pre-Amplifier

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